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How Student Engagement And Comprehension Throughout This...

This unit plan will implement a variety of methods to assess student engagement and comprehension throughout this entire unit. Begin the unit by gauging to see what students already know about the 1920s by having students complete a Pre-Assessment. Many students are already familiar with some of the themes and content connected with the 1920s and teacher can use pre-assessment to figure out what students are already familiar with. First brainstorm with the students to see what they already know and then provide students with a pre-assessment to evaluate individual knowledge. The brainstorming is very general and presents an overview whereas the assessment provides the teacher with actual data. The Unit Outline explains how the unit†¦show more content†¦This assessment will consist of a project that will reflect what the students have learned over that section of the unit. Students will be given a rubric for each of these projects. Formative Assessments: Students will be assessed by a teacher centered informal questioning period prior to each day’s lesson to observe their grasp of the content materials of the prior lesson. Teacher will also use journal entries and exit slips as formative assessments as well. Reading Assignments: There is no text for this unit; however students will be required to participate in Popcorn reading activities and discussion during class time on handouts and varied types of reading materials. Participation in activities and discussions is mandatory and will be graded on an informal basis. Group Projects/Presentation: Students will be required to discuss and create one type of newspaper article that reflects what has been discussed in the required unit. Students will work creatively together arranging pictures and designing descriptive text and articles. Groups will then present their newspaper page to aid their classmates in understanding issues and topics of the period. Individual Assignments: Poem - Students will be required to demonstrate their understanding of the cultural and social influences on the art and culture of the period. Students will hand in their poems for grading and editing. Class discussion of materials will aid all students in learning more

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Attend College - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 3 Words: 920 Downloads: 10 Date added: 2017/09/13 Category Advertising Essay Did you like this example? The Decision to Attend College When making decisions that could possibly change your life, a lot of thoughts are processed through your mind. When making the call to attend college you may ask yourself many questions. These questions may include why you are attending college, what do you hope to gain from the experience, what possible challenges you may encounter and solutions, what actions will you take in order to be successful, and what personal qualities or skills that make you suited for studying in a technical age. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Attend College" essay for you Create order Recently I have made the decision to attend college, doing so has encouraged me to answer these questions for myself. There are many reasons why I am attending college. However, I am only going to address my main motives. One reason why I have enrolled in college is the opportunity to further my knowledge. I believe that knowledge is the key to success. I say this because most career jobs in modern society request that you have at least a bachelors degree to get hired on at an entry level position. I reasonably believe the perspective of Corporate America is that an educated individual will function more efficiently than an uneducated one. Also, attending college will prepare me for a rewarding career in law enforcement. I plan on joining a federal law enforcement agency and the criteria states that personnel must posses a bachelors degree as a minimum. Getting the career in federal law enforcement means I will be able to support my family in the future. Supporting them with a source of income from a career I am passionate about and enjoy will make my family and I happy. For example my mother supported three children on her own and she loved what she did so that aided in the amount of happiness present inside our home. One thing I would like to gain from going to college is a degree. I know that may seem obvious but I have met people in my past that have gone to college but decided not to continue at one point or another. A degree will give me a great sense of accomplishment. The idea that I have worked hard to earn something I wanted and needed would be unexplainable, like the feeling I had when graduating high school. Making the decision to attend college has already made my family proud and I would like to continue to do that. One thing in particular I would like to gain from attending college is future job security. As I stated previously most career jobs require that you have a bachelors as a minimum. With education under my belt it will help me acquire a career with job security in the future. There are several possible challenges that could get in my way of attending college. My current schedule happens to be a possible challenge. I already have a lot on my plate and now I am adding school. I currently employed at a job that demands fourteen to sixteen hours a day and advance job knowledge training. My solution to this problem will be time management. I will create and adhere to a schedule. A schedule will allow me to stay organized and harbor me from feeling overwhelmed. My lack of priorities may also be a challenge. Occasionally, I tend to focus on the things I desire and set aside things I need. My solution is to prioritize my life. I will differentiate between needs and wants then prioritize as needed. I may actually construct a priority list and place it on my door. That way I can be reminded of what is more important. Another possible challenge of mine is misunderstanding assignments. At times I find it difficult for me to grasp a concept if it is not stated explicitly. I tend to over think different assignments. My solution will be to seek help and guidance when I have doubts. I will accomplish this by contacting my instructor for clarification as needed. Personal qualities and skills I have that make me suited for studying in a technical age are proficiency with computers, perseverance, and I am aware of what is available. I have been to school for four years studying computers, from computer engineering to computer programming. Taking an online class in a technical age takes some knowledge in computers in order to operate efficiently. I believe I know enough in order to keep the headaches away. Also perseverance plays a big role in my life. I do not stop unless I have completed a task. If I am unsuccessful I continue to try until a desired outcome is reached. I am also aware of the abundant amount of resources that technology provides. One in particular, the internet. The internet is an enormous database of knowledge and resources. Making the decision to attend college is an important milestone in life. It is the point where you begin working towards something that is not given to you but is earned. You may have doubts about college, but a goal is what keeps us progressing through life. If college is your goal to achieving a degree and to ultimately attain the career of your dreams you may want to ask yourself the some questions questions. Answering these particular questions have given me more insight to where I am going and the steps I will take to get there. I know feel more comfortable with the idea of college, and I will strive for that degree. References

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The Legalization and Physical Affects of Marijuana Essay

The legalization of marijuana has been an ongoing battle for many years. Marijuana is an addictive drug that is made of the leaves for the plant Cannabis. Common ways to induce the drug are by smoking the plant from either a water pipe or a joint which is much like a cigarette. It can also be brewed as tea or mixed into food. Supporter of making marijuana legal often argue that it isn’t nearly as harmful as alcohol or nicotine. However, when taking a closer look at marijuana and thinking about the future, marijuana legalization is not the best idea. After all the time and effort law enforcement put into keeping drugs at bay, activists selfishly expect them just to give all that up and make marijuana easy to access. Most activists†¦show more content†¦Driving experiments show that marijuana affects many skills needed to drive safely. When high drivers have difficult staying in their lane through curves and to maintain speed and distance between cars. These a ffects last for at least four to six hours after smoking just one joint, even after the high feeling is gone. If uses were to combine alcohol and marijuana the risk to be involved in an accident more than triples. Marijuana affects the brain significantly. The prefrontal cortex, which helps make decision and understand consequences, is affected because marijuana alters blood flow to your brain which impairs judgment. In the cerebral cortex pot messes with perception, judgment and problem solving, causing users to do things they normally wouldnt. Pot affects the limbic system, which is the emotional center of the brain. The limbic system is the most influenced by marijuana because the THC in marijuana links to cannabinoid receptors creating a memory of the drug that can lead to addiction. Lastly marijuana affects the cerebellum which controls physical coordination. The THC in marijuana interferes with signals being sent to the cerebellum making movements difficult to perform. As if the affects of marijuana on the body and mind couldnt get any worse, users of marijuana have higher rates of depression, anxiety, suicide, and infertility. The rates are even higher for users thatShow MoreRelatedLegalization of Marijuana1498 Words   |  6 Pagesï » ¿Legalization of Marijuana Thesis Statement Marijuana use should not be legalized and must be discouraged as it is harmful and creates problems for the society Introduction Marijuana, also known as marihuana, is a drug that is taken from Cannabis sativa, a hemp plant. It is one of the most frequently used and popular drugs in the world along with caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol. The United States of America is one of the worlds leading producers of marijuana where it is generally smoked andRead MoreShould Marijuana Be Legalized?1010 Words   |  5 PagesThe legalization of marijuana became a heated political subject in the last few years. Twenty-one states in America have legalized medical marijuana. Colorado and Washington are the only states where marijuana can be purchased recreationally. Marijuana is the high THC level part of the cannabis plant, which gives users the â€Å"high† feeling. There is ample evidence that supports the argument that marijuana is beneficial. The government should legalize marijuana recreationally for three main reasonsRead MoreThe Legalization Of Marijuana And Marijuana Essay1314 Words   |  6 PagesMarijuana or Cannabis is one of the bused drugs in America and the rest of the world. Interesting accumulating evidence show that the significant negative impact of this drug outweighs the positive effects. However, the medical benefits of the drug seem on the process of chemical compounds as compared to the drug itself. Medical debates show that chemical compound in marijuana are the problem as compared to the plant. The said chemical compound affects the mental and physical health of the personsRead MoreShould Marijuana Be Legalized?1524 Words   |  7 PagesMarijuana makes you calm. Marijuana reduces stress. Marijuana cures diseases such as cancer. Marijuana is not a drug. Marijuana is a plant; therefore it is not dangerous to one’s health and overall being. Many have heard it all before, the hundreds of reasons as to why marijuana is deemed as a â€Å"safe† drug and why it should be legalized, yet people have not quite heard the hundreds of reasons as to why it should stay il legal. In today’s society, there is a huge controversy on the topic of marijuanaRead MoreShould Marijuana Be Legalized For The Best Of Society?1742 Words   |  7 PagesMarijuana is one of the most controversial discussions to consider in various countries due to the numerous debates between citizens to legalize or criminalize the drug for the best of society. In countries such as Colombia, Netherlands, and various states in United States (Colorado, Washington, and Oregon), marijuana is legalized for recreational and medical purposes, which is obtainable to all citizens. However, in countries such as Canada, marijuana remains illegal for recreational use, whichRead MoreShould Marijuana Be Legalized?882 Words   |  4 Pagestheir example, have already found substantial evidence to support the legalization of marijuana. I absolutely agree with the legislation passed in these areas making the use of marijuana legal, so long as it is sold and regulated by the government in a si milar fashion to alcohol and tobacco. Like tobacco and alcohol there should only be certain settings in which it is acceptable to engage in such activities. The use of marijuana as a medicinal drug is absolutely agreeable because it can help so manyRead MoreEssay on Why Marijuana Should Not be Legalized1595 Words   |  7 PagesLegalization or decriminalization of marijuana is opposed by a vast majority of American’s and people around the world. Leaders in Marijuana prevention, education, treatment, and law enforcement adamantly oppose the substance, as do many political leaders. However, pro-drug advocacy groups, who support the use of illegal drugs, are making headlines. They are influencing decision making thru legislation and having a significant impact on the national policy debate here in the United States andRead MoreEssay Astonishing Statistics of Marijuana Use in Minors1539 Words   |  7 Pagesmillion Americans ages 12 and over have reported to using marijuana at least once within the previous year. That number alone is an astonishing statistic on marijuana users. Although marijuana has been a drug with increasing popularity especially throughout the past couple of years due to the legalization in some states. In November of 2012 history was made when Washington and Colorado both legalized marijuana for recreational use. Although marijuana is considered to be a Schedule 1 drug, which means itRead MoreThe Legalization Of Marijuana Should Be Legal917 Words   |  4 Pages The legalization of marijuana is one of the most talked about subjects in the news today. With millions of opinions on this certain topic I think the legalization of marijuana should not be allowed in America. Although some might disagree, marijuana is an unnecessary substance in life. With the legalization, it will affect millions of people between the ages of 1-100. Marijuana should be illegal in the United States because if legalized marijuana will lead to child use, a ddiction, and health problemsRead MorePros And Cons Of Legalization Of Marijuana784 Words   |  4 Pages According to the English Oxford Living Dictionaries (2017), marijuana is â€Å"Cannabis, especially as smocked or consumed as a psychoactive (mind-altering) drug.† Although marijuana is illegal by the federal law, 29 states have legalized the use of medical marijuana, and in 8 states anyone over the age of 21 can buy marijuana (Nathan, D. L., Clark, H. W., Elders, J, 2017, p. 1746). Many Americans tend to experiment with drugs when put in a certain social event, but rarely abuse drugs or become a drug

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Loyalty Is The Best Trait A Person Can Have - 1381 Words

Loyalty Is the Best Trait a Person Can Have In Homer’s The Odyssey, Odysseus’s crew dig their own graves. In The Odyssey, Odysseus and his crew set out to Troy to fight an important battle. After ten years of fighting, Odysseus and his men decide to return home. This is not an easy task though, as the crew encounters many trials and tribulations on their trek home. Loyalty is a requirement that is crucial for any long journey. As their journey to their homeland continues, many of Odysseus’s men lose faith in him. Because of their loss of faith, they begin to stop listening and go against Odysseus’s word. In Homer’s The Odyssey, Odysseus’s crew is deserving of their punishment because they are greedy and disloyal towards Odysseus. In The Odyssey, Odysseus’s men are greedy at the island of Aeolus. After the war at Troy, Odysseus and his men travel through three different islands before reaching the island of Aeolus. At Aeolus’s island, Aeolus treats Odysseus and his crew very well. The crew stays here for about a month before they attempt to depart. Prior to their departure, Aeolus, ruler of the winds, gifts Odysseus with a bag of wind. If the crew put the bag to proper use, then the ship would coast safely home to Ithaka. After a month of staying on the island, the crew set sail for Ithaka: â€Å"Nine Days and nights we sailed without event, till on the tenth we raised our land. We neared it, and saw men building fires along the shore; but now being weary to the bone, I fellShow MoreRelatedWhat Makes A Good Friend Alex Lickerman Explains The781 Words   |  4 Pagessomeone that is not blood related. In order to have this sacred bond there are certain traits that must be present. Two individuals must be drawn together commonly by similar interests. Nevertheless, if they have a history together due to shared experiences they will often tie two entities together. Common values are another trait that contributes to a strong bond considering if there is controversy in morals, friendships often fail. Equality is another trait that will effect friendships, seeing as bothRead MoreEssay on Leadership Vision Statement1106 Words   |  5 Pagesand most important trait of a leader. Integrity gives a leader validity to always do the right thing. I have a deeper meaning stemming f rom my family that makes it crucial that I keep integrity first if I desire others to emulate my actions. 2. Loyalty: Loyalty is the trait of a good listener and friend to just be there when needed. This trait gives superiors a sense of commitment and purpose in making sure you are doing the request job to the best of your ability. You can hold yourself as youRead MoreThe Defining Characteristics Of Leadership1305 Words   |  6 PagesDefining Characteristics of Leadership Leadership arises in different situations with all being a variety of characteristics and traits. While there are a variety of connotations and denotations of the word leadership, one can say that an effective leader doesn’t necessarily need to have all the traits that a great leader needs to have, but only possessing the traits of being able to direct individuals into the correct path, being ethical and having high moral values, and being loyal. Through theRead MoreAnalysis Of The Odyssey By Homer1192 Words   |  5 PagesAttract?   Ã‚  Ã‚     Ã‚  Ã‚     Ã‚  Ã‚     Ã‚  Ã‚     Ã‚  Ã‚   Julian Adame   Ã‚  Ã‚   A person s response to hardships can reveal the true nature and characteristics of that person. In â€Å"The Odyssey† by Homer both Odysseus and Penelope each face their own hardships. Odysseus left his home for a ten year war and took another ten years to return home. Penelope after not knowing where her husband is, has had to deal with the suitors trying to win her over. They both use similar traits and characteristics to overcome their hardships, butRead MorePersonal Philosophy Essay 873 Words   |  3 PagesThe older I have gotten the more I have realized what really describes me as a person. I have been put through many tasks and challenges that were meant to change the way my personality tree has grown. School, friendship, losses, and gains have formed the clay I call my life and I am grateful for what my life has cooked up for me. These challenges have shown me what matters the most in life and what matters the least. More importantly they have shaped the way my personality is put into context todayRead MoreThe Trait Theory Of Leadership1739 Words   |  7 PagesThe trait theory of leadership supports the claim that some people are endowed with certain cha racteristics that make them more capable of being a good leader than others (Zaccaro, 2007). Trait theory can be defined as the range of qualities that can consistently differentiate a non-leader from someone who is an effective leader (Zaccaro, 2007). The difference between someone who is a great leader and someone who is a good leader is the possession of certain qualities that help establish strong leadershipRead MoreThe Aeneid By Virgil Vs. Aeneas Essay1506 Words   |  7 Pagesepic poem was built upon a dual pillar structure of piety and loyalty. The ideal version of piety is exemplified in Aeneas, who often sacrifices his own loyalties to appease the gods. The other pillar that the book stands upon is loyalty to friends, family, the gods, and the future. These two pillars often clash and Aeneas must choose one over the other, Aeneas always chooses loyalty to the gods, referred to as piety, over any other loyalty that he has. The clash of these two virtues cause Aeneas toRead MoreA Pyramid Of Leadership Success1703 Words   |  7 PagesA Pyramid of Leadership Success in Nursing The trait theory of leadership supports the claim that some people are endowed with certain characteristics that make them more capable of being a good leader than others (Zaccaro, 2007). The difference between someone who is a great leader from someone who is a good leader is the possession of certain qualities that help establish a strong sense of leadership. One of the greatest leaders known in the sports world is John Wooden, a basketball player, andRead MoreA Pyramid Of Leadership Success1703 Words   |  7 PagesA Pyramid of Leadership Success in Nursing The trait theory of leadership supports the claim that some people are endowed with certain characteristics that make them more capable of being a good leader than others (Zaccaro, 2007). The difference between someone who is a great leader from someone who is a good leader is the possession of certain qualities that help establish a strong sense of leadership. One of the greatest leaders known in the sports world is John Wooden, a basketball player, andRead MoreEssay on Loyalty in Animal Farm by George Orwell1343 Words   |  6 Pages Animal Farm is a prime example of devotion and the loyalty that is vital for success. Boxer is a selfless hard-working horse that displays genuine loyalty to the rebellion willing to do anything for the better of his newfound family. Boxer adopts a new personal motto of â€Å"I will work harder† static from the beginning of the novel to his death (murder). Boxer is unwavering in his devotion. Even when the windmill is destroyed and it is t ime for Boxer’s long waited retirement he continues to strive

Poetry from Anthology Free Essays

In this essay I will be exploring how the poets expressed their views in a strong and effective way. I shall be writing about three poems. †¢ Base Details by Siegfried Sassoon †¢ On the life of man by Walter Raleigh †¢ Those bastards in their mansions by Simon Armitage Base Details Siegfried Sassoon In this essay I will be describing the contrasts and explore the attitude of the poet in a strong and effective way. We will write a custom essay sample on Poetry from Anthology or any similar topic only for you Order Now This poem is written by Siegfried Sassoon, who was a soldier during the First World War. He used the majors and the soldiers as protagonists of this poem. The poet has described the physical attributes of the majors who would stay at the base, because they were fat, short of breath. Siegfried uses number of abusive and mockery words to describe their behaviour towards one another. In the beginning of the poem the poet says that he’d live in with the majors at the base. He used abusive and mockery words to describe the physical attributes they posses. The poet says that â€Å"Bald†, â€Å"short of breath† and â€Å"scarlet†. The word â€Å"bald† means that they didn’t have any hair on their head, and â€Å"short of breath† refers towards their shape and body figure. The lexis† scarlet† has a lot of meanings, but in their case it means that they were guilty. The majors were the main reason for the death of the soldiers. These three words highlight the characteristics of them, as well as it was mentioned in the first two lines of the poem. Afterwards, Siegfried immediately talks about the soldiers whose fate was inevitably a fateful misery. The author observes the fact that, they were active and they used to get forced towards the frontline. This is evidenced from the poem he states that: – â€Å"And speed glum heroes up the line to death†. Nevertheless, since they met their fate bravely and gave their life in the war, this made them a true hero. Additionally, the poet goes back to the description of the major’s actions. So the poet uses the word â€Å"Guzzle† and â€Å"Gulp† in the â€Å"best hotel†. In this context the poet describes that the poet himself and the majors would eat and drink in an excessive manner. Therefore the word â€Å"guzzle† means to eat in an excessive manner, and the word â€Å"gulp† to drink in an excessive manner as it makes a gulping sound, therefore the poet used them two word to make it effective. Moreover, since the war is still happening the majors would continuously eat and drink. To such an extent that the poet has described their faces as â€Å"Puffy† and â€Å"petulant†, the poet has used the mockery words again to describe the majors. The word â€Å"puffy† means that they would be fat and â€Å"petulant† means to be swollen. Afterwards he uses the sarcasm attitude towards the soldiers by stating: – â€Å"Poor young chap, Roll of Honour is an alliteration which the poet has used. I’d say†. He’d say â€Å"poor young chap† to show their grief towards the soldiers, and â€Å"Roll of Honour† is a faceless list of names of the soldiers. In reality the majors weren’t really cared for them whilst they were burying the soldiers. Nevertheless, after burying them they would continue their sarcastic conversations about their innocent soldiers. Siegfried proofs this from the poem he says that â€Å"I’d say I used to know his father well; yes, we’ve lost heavily in this scrap†. This shows up their fake and strong relationship between them. He also mentions the word â€Å"scrap† to describe the war. The majors would describe this war as a scrap. This war means nothing to them, regardless they’ve lost heavily amount of soldiers. This part of the poem is a technique of euphemisms. This war was like a board games, how a player would sacrifice a counter to gain victory. In conclusion, the poet gives a scenario or a clear contrast of the soldiers and the majors. They’d be scattered everywhere. I mean that the majors would â€Å"toddle† due to their fat and overeating. Therefore they’d walk slowly and safely, since they are not at the battlefield. On the other side, the soldiers would be â€Å"stone dead†; this means that they would be still dead at the battlefield. Finally, the rhyming scheme of this poem is (ab, ab, cd, ee,). Also the last two lines of this poem is known as† Rhyming Couplet†. Since they rhyme at the end and those two words are â€Å"dead† and â€Å"bed†. Those Bastards in their mansions Simon Armitage This poem is written by Simon Armitage, he has dedicated this poem towards the poor people, and this poem is from the collection of ‘taking a stand’. This poem features the division between the poor and the rich. Simon Armitage is totally against it; therefore he is taking a stand protecting the poor from the rich. Thus, I will be explaining this poem. Firstly, the author is referring the rich people as ‘bastards’ which is on the first line of the poem, because if there was to be a poor walking in front of their house they would ask each other â€Å"who is he? †, â€Å"why is he dressed in that manner? † where is he from? † etc. That’s why the author referred them as ‘bastards’. In this situation the rich people would be alarmed and clutch their possessions closer. After while, he says that he would save the poor masses and protect them from different kind of destruction, and bring them a form of benefit. â€Å"I’d poisoned the dogs and vaulted the ditches† gives a form of proof from the poem itself. Moreover, there state is really ragged because not only there’s a division between them, the poor people would also get oppressed by the rich. Thus, Simon Armitage decides to break through the front door, it is also evidenced form the fifth line of first stanza, so that he would bring them benefit. This is clearly observed in line six. † The gift of fire from the burning torches. These properties are like gift thus he used the word ‘gift’ to show the preciousness of it. This part of the poem refers towards the Greek mythology about Prometheus and Zeus. Prometheus was Greek God and also the first god to create human beings. Not only that he stole fire from Zeus and distributed it towards the whole of humanity. Zeus became really furious, upon knowing that Prometheus gave a precious element to the mankind. Therefore, Zeus punished Prometheus by chaining him to the peak of a mountain, so that everyday eagles would peck from his liver. Since, Prometheus was immortal each night his liver would grow back. Nevertheless, after distributing the properties he would teach them how to get rid off themselves from the great oppression and how to take a stand against the cruelty of the rich. Thereafter, since they don’t have any weapons to face against the rich, what they would do is that they would use the same chains and shackles which they were tied by. They use those chains to take a stand against the rich and break the division of the privileged ones and the non-privileged ones. In conclusion, the poet is alarming himself bravely in the second line of third stanza that â€Å"they’d have me sniffed out by their beagles†. Simon speaks regarding their troops of dogs, which the rich would keep to guard their properties. Since in the beginning of the poem talks about poisoning the dogs, therefore the dogs certainly will be able to catch and he’ll get imprisoned as well as face other severe consequences. But on the last stanza he says that â€Å"me, I stick to the shadows carry a gun†, here the poet clearly and bravely shows himself that he’s fearless and he’d hide himself from those bastards in their mansions. On the life of Man Sir Walter Raleigh This poem has been written about the life, by using extended metaphor throughout the poem. It also gives a bit of idea by looking at its title. It has been written by Sir Walter Raleigh. He has expressed his attitude and his views towards this life as a form of ‘Sacrifice’. There are other numerous views regarding this life. I will be exploring his attitude in a strong and effective way. In the beginning, Sir Walter Raleigh asks a rhetorical question that â€Å"What is Life†. Then he gives immediate response by saying â€Å"A play of Passion†. The word â€Å" play† is referring towards the life, meaning that how it works or it carries on etc. in this context it is blatantly giving the indication towards a theatre play. The poet has used the theatre play to show the example of life. Then he tells the situation of life, therefore he says his opinion upon saying the word â€Å"passion†. Passion is giving the meaning of going through strong emotions and lot of sacrifices. There are many people who’d go through sacrifices in their life. The most famous example is Christ, who went through lot sacrifices, to such an extent that he died to take away his people’s sins. Later on, he states that there is a small amount of laughter or amusements takes place in our life. He compares this amusement as a small amount of time. Therefore, he says that â€Å"Our mirth the music of division. † He indicates this back to the play, this shows that when all the actors go for a short interval. Whilst some orchestra will appear on the stage to entertain the audiences as well as some will eat, talk, or go to the toilet. This is done so that they can split up the acts. Additionally, the poet talks about the beginning of life. He takes the human beings as actors and a place where they would get dressed. He states â€Å"Our mother’s womb the tiring houses can be†. He uses the word â€Å"womb† to link it towards the green room, and then the poet elaborates more about this point to show what happens. He states further upon saying â€Å"Where we are dressed for this short comedy†. Sir Walter supports the view of life as short progression of time; therefore he has mentioned the word â€Å"short† as well as â€Å"comedy†. The word â€Å"comedy† refers towards a play which ends happily. Moreover, Sir Walter Raleigh identifies a link of life with God. He asserts that God is watching us sharply, thus he quotes â€Å"Heaven the judicious sharp spectator is†, he is using metaphor to make God as our audience. The poet strongly believes that he will get accounted for whatever he does in this life. Therefore, he explains further that god is looking over us continuously and judging us according to our actions. He says â€Å"That sits and marks still who doth act amiss†. Meanwhile, the author describes the grave where everyone will end up at the end of their life. He quotes† our graves that hide us from the searching Sun†. The poet is using the word â€Å"hide† to show that the earth will be filled over us. He uses metaphor of the stage again, like the way he has mentioned at the beginning. He gives an example on saying that â€Å" Are like drawn curtains that when the play gets done the curtain draws close, exactly the same way a life of a person ends by filling earth over him/her. Finally, the poet ends this poem describing the progression of time. He states â€Å"thus march we playing to our latest rest†. The word â€Å"rest† shows that they’ll be in luxury in the next world, since a person has sacrificed or take this life as strong emotions. It also show that the poet is being theist based on this fact. Then on the last line he says â€Å"only we die in earnest and, that’s no jest†. He is referring towards the poem once more that, this life is nothing or it has no value to him. Therefore, he has mentioned the word â€Å"earnest† and â€Å"jest† to show that we truly die and that’s no joke nor it’s fake. How to cite Poetry from Anthology, Essay examples

Financial Valuation of IRESS Case Study For Better Understanding

Question: Discuss about the case study IRESS for Financial Valuation. Answer: Introduction IRESS is an Australian based software company which specialises in software development and related services for financial markets, wealth management and mortgage sectors. It started with its business in 1993, and now it is one of the leading suppliers of innovative technology solutions. It has its business speared over in Australia, Asia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and the UK. It has over 1400 professionals working under it. IRESS has about 17 offices in 7 countries across 5 continents (IRESS, 2015). The main product for IRESS is to make software for financial services. This software is developed by best breed technology which help the companies to save time and cost. As of date IRESS has a market capitalisation of AUD $ 1.82 billion (IRESS, 2015). IRESS enjoys a good position in the Australian market as its products are used by most of the financial community[1]. This provides for almost one third of the total revenues of the company. In the study below we will learn more ab out IRESS and its financials. Summary of Key Financial Ratios The financial ratio study of a company enables us to understand the financial of a company in a constructive way. It provides a basis of comparison and analysis among various companies of the same sector. Also, it helps to understand the factors which affect the cash flows of the company (Williams, 2012). Following ratios will help us understand in details the financials of IRESS along with factors which have driven the performance of the company over recent years. Profitability ratios These are the ratios which measure the companys ability to generate profits as compared to its costs and other expenses in a given period of time[2]. It helps to analyse how well the company has made use of its resources in order to generate profits and shareholders value (Albrecht et. al, 2011). Return on assets ratio This is a type of profitability ratio which helps to calculate profits per dollar invested in assets by the company. It is the indicator of profits of the company as compared to its assets. It helps to make an idea of how efficient the assets of the company are put to use in order to generate profits (Albrecht et. al, 2011). Sometimes it is also referred to as return on investment. The return on assets of the company showed a significant change in the year 2013. The increase has been made in same proportions in the current year. Therefore, there has been no change in the return on assets of the company. The company, just like last year has made $ 0.09 on every dollar invested by it in assets. The company needs to adopt new measures in order to use its assets more efficiently. Use of assets will generate high returns for the company at the same level of investment. Hence, no variance from last year has been witnessed by the company for return on assets ratio (Choi Meek, 2011). Net profit margin The net profit margin ratio calculates the profits earned by the company on total income. This profit is the net profit after taxes which are remained with the company. The profit which is left with the company before distribution of dividends and transfer to reserves is the net profit (Choi Meek, 2011). The company has constantly shown growth in net profits over the last five years. The revenue of the company in the year 2015 has gone up by 10% as compared to 2014. Also the net income has increased by almost 9% in the current year. The net profit margin of the company stays at almost 15%. Though the revenue and profits have increased, the net profit margin remains the same. This is so because of increase in revenue and profits in similar proportions. The company has increased the level of its operations, but in order to secure better results, it needs to work on its operational efficiency. Else, the investment made by the company shall increase every year, without providing for any growth opportunities. Solvency Ratio This ratio is the tool used to calculate the companys ability to meet up with its obligations. This ratio calculates if the state of the capital structure of the company is efficient enough to pay the debts and other obligations (Northington, 2011). It helps to determine the solvency of the company for the current period and few periods to come. Debt Equity Ratio The debt equity ratio calculates the proportion of debt as compared to equity in total capital of the company. The use of different sources of capital determines the cost of capital of the company, which has a great effect on the performance of the company. If the profits generated by the company are all used to pay the cost of capital, then its no use to carry on the business (Deegan, 2011). The company had no debt till year 2012, but in 2013 it started to lever its firm. Lower the debt equity ratio better it is for the company. This is so because it depicts low use of loan funds. Less loan funds indicate low cost of capital. Also, use of excessive funds taken on loan creates a risk for the company (Horngren, 2013). The debt equity ratio of the company for the year 2014 was 0.54 and in the year 2015 was 0.59. There has been a slight increase in the ratio. This increase in debt was due to acquisition of Proquote and Pulse. Still the ratio is efficient for the company. The reasons for increase can be increased operations of the company. Debt ratio This ratio calculates the companys leverage. It is the ratio of total debts of the company is to total assets of the company. It can be interpreted as the percentage of assets of the company which are funded by debt. The ratio measures the debt funding of the assets of the company (Graham Smart, 2012). The company used n debt till the year 2012, but including debt has increased the operating performance of the company since 2013. The debt ratio of the company has stayed stable in the year 2015. The debt ratio is 0.31 for the current year. It can be interpreted as 31% of the assets of the company are funded by loan funds. Higher the leverage higher is financial risk. But in some cases it helps in growth, it results in sustainable use of debt. The debt and assets figure of the company have both increased in the same proportion. This shows that the company has not made any changes in its policy. It has just been increasing its investments which have provided same results. Equity Ratio The equity ratio calculates the portion of assets of the company which are financed by equity fund. As discussed, the capital structure is responsible for the cost of capital of the company[5]. The capital structure can have debt up till the return on assets does not fall below the cost of capital (Graham Smart, 2012). The company has had high equity ratio till 2012, but after that it has a ratio ranging from 0.50 to 0.60. There has been a slight decline in equity ratio of the company from 2014 to 2015. The ratio in the current year was reported to be 0.53. This indicates that almost 53% of the assets of the company are funded by equity shareholders fund. The solvency shows what part of the assets will be remained with the investors after the liabilities have been paid off[6]. The other shows the stake of the investors in the company, the part for which they are on hook with the company. Companies with high equity ratio show willingness of the shareholders to invest in the shares of the company (Northington, 2011). Liquidity Ratio The liquidity ratio is the class of financial ratios which determine the companys capacity to its short term debts and liabilities. The higher the ratio, better it is considered as it depicts higher margin of safety the company owns to cover its liabilities (Horngren, 2013). Current Ratio Current ratio is the ratio between the current assets and current liabilities of the company. Current liabilities are the obligations of the company which shall be due on the part of the company within 12 months. Current assets are the assets which can be converted into cash within 3 months (Libby et. al, 2012). The current ratio of the company has been lowest in 2015 as compared to results of last four years. The ratio went down to 1.28 in 2015 from 3.13 in 2014. The ratio of 2 is considered good. In 2014 the ratio was very efficient. But in 2015 the company has diverted its funds from current asset; also the current liabilities have increased. The best explanation available is that the company has increased its operations which are due to more investment in fixed assets; also due to increased operations the current liabilities have shown a reasonable increase in the current year. The ratio of 1.28 needs to be improves; else the company may suffer lack of liquidity in near future which will affect the day to day operations of the company. Market Value Ratios These ratios are used to evaluate the market price of the shares of the company. These compare the performance of the company with the performance of the market value of the shares. They establish a relation between the performance of the company and its worth its the market (Fields, 2011). Earnings per Share The earnings per share are the ratio which calculates the profits after tax allocated to each issued share of the company. The EPS helps the experts and investors determine the value of the share of company with the help of certain other attributes. Also, EPS helps to calculate the Price earnings ratio of the company (Brealey et. al, 2011). Except for the year 2013 the EPS of the company has been moderate. The earnings per share of the company have gone up to 35.17 cents in 2015 from 32.33 cents in 2014. Increase in earnings is due to increase in revenue of the company by almost 10% in the current year. Also, the number of shares issued has not many changes as compares to change in profits after tax. This increase in PAT has resulted in increased EPS of the company for the current year. Dividend per share The company distributes its earnings among its shareholders by giving them dividend. It is not mandatory for the companys to pay dividends. Payout of dividends has a lot of affect on the growth of the company (Brealey et. al, 2011). If the company expects that the rate of return on assets of the company is more than the return required by shareholders, then it would be better for the company to retain its profits and vice versa. Not much has changed in the dividend paid by the company. The company should retain its profits and utilise them in the operations of the company. This will reduce the debt burden of the company and also will protect the financial assets of the company (Needles Powers, 2013). Summary of Future prospects Analysing the performance of IRESS in 2015 has shown us that the company has made development and also has seen growth prospects for the near future. Having a look at the above financial ratios it is evident that the company has witness some operating growth in the current year. The revenue of the company increased by 10% approximately in the current year. Though the revenues increased there was no efficiency shown in any of the ratios. The company has taken steps to improve the revenues but that is not sufficient. It needs to make plans which improve the efficiency of the operations of the organisation. The growth was literally expected to nil for the company, since it had covered almost the whole of client base in Australia. Growth could be expected only if the company went overseas with expansion opportunities but they involved high risks (Davies Crawford, 2012). Company took the risk and it witnessed the increase. As per the board the company is confident for a string revenue gr owth in 2016. They also expect a momentum in the wealth management sector. They ensure to deliver strong profit growth in the coming year. Description of the financial valuation methodologies Since IRESS is a listed company, market valuation is selected as a method because it issued shares. The shares are traded therefore, it is easier to trace the details and availability of information because the financial reports are prepared that contains all the available information (IRESS, 2015). The market capitalization can be evaluated easily by multiplication of the stock price of the company by the shares that are outstanding. Once the value is computed, the amount is adjusted considering it would be sold for if the company is being sold. The price that a buyer is ready to pay is not projected in the share price. Therefore, considering the overall scenario market valuation best describes the situation (Parrino et al, 2012). Valuation result and recommendation The performance of the company has been very impressive in the current year. The company reports a net profit figure of $ 55.4 million which was 9% more than the year 2014. Most of the growth was seen in the second half of the year. Also the company has been making ways to reinvent the Australian financial market tools (IRESS, 2015). They also resulted in a double digit growth in South Africa and Australian wealth management market. As for the balance sheet the company has continued to show a conservative balance sheet position. High expectation in future is being kept from wealth management and lending business in the United Kingdom[11]. Overall, the performance of the company has been satisfactory. If they continue to take risk and expand their business overseas more growth opportunities will be created (Brigham Daves, 2012). Conclusion From the above report and study, it can be observed that the company IRESS has strong fundamentals and has shown stellar performances. The impressive run of the company is a clear cut indication that the company can be selected for long-term investments. This will provide strong returns to the investors. The company is growing steadily and is set to expand more on a grand scale that will provide benefits to the goodwill of the company. Moreover, as per the valuation and the ratio analysis it can be further said that that the profitability, liquidity and solvency is well aligned and the future prospect is strong. References Albrecht, W., Stice, E. and Stice, J 2011, Financial accounting, Mason, OH: Thomson/South-Western. IRESS 2015, IRESS Annual Report and accounts 2015, viewed 31 July 2016, Brealey, R., Myers, S. and Allen, F 2011, Principles of corporate finance, New York: McGraw-Hill/Irwin. Brigham, E. Daves, P 2012, Intermediate Financial Management , USA: Cengage Choi, R.D. and Meek, G.K 2011, International accounting, Pearson. Davies, T. and Crawford, I 2012, Financial accounting, Harlow, England: Pearson. Deegan, C. M 2011, In Financial accounting theory, North Ryde, N.S.W: McGraw-Hill. Fields, E 2011, The essentials of finance and accounting for nonfinancial managers, New York: American Management Association. Graham, J. and Smart, S 2012, Introduction to corporate finance, Australia: South-Western Cengage Learning. Horngren, C 2013, Financial accounting, Frenchs Forest, N.S.W: Pearson Australia Group. Libby, R., Libby, P. and Short, D 2011,Financial accounting, New York: McGraw-Hill/Irwin. Melville, A 2013, International Financial Reporting A Practical Guide, 4th edition, Pearson, Education Limited, UK Needles, B.E. Powers, M 2013, Principles of Financial Accounting, Financial Accounting Series: Cengage Learning. Northington, S 2011, Finance, New York, NY: Ferguson's. Parrino, R., Kidwell, D. and Bates, T 2012, Fundamentals of corporate finance, Hoboken, NJ: Wiley Williams, J 2012, Financial accounting, New York: McGraw-Hill/Irwin.

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Business Law for Text & Summarized Cases-

Question: Discuss about theBusiness Law for Text Summarized Cases. Answer: There are three kinds of business structures which are available to a person for the purpose of carrying out of business activity. These structures can be divided into proprietorship, partnership and company. Each of the business structures have their own pros and cons and therefore before choosing any of the structure the business activity has to be analysed in the light of its features. Proprietorship is a form of business structure where the business and the owner do not have any separate identity (Bourke Wells, 2015). The structure provide immense control over the way in which business is conducted however it has unlimited liability for the owner. In case of partnership where control is distributed among two or more partners the feature of unlimited liability is still present. A proprietorship business should be adopted in situation where the business is relatively small. In the same way a medium category business can be carried out in form of a partnership as it requires additi onal support which is provided to the partners. However when it comes to a business which is relatively large in size the best possible business structure which needs to be selected is that offer company. There are a few key features of a company which distinguishes it from other types of business structures. The Identity of the owner (shareholder) of a company is different from that of the company itself. The company has the capacity to sue and be sued by itself. One of the most prominent features of a company is that of limited liability (Clarke et al., 2015). According to this feature a person who has invested in a company is only liable to extent to which investment has been made by him in the company. In addition a company can be differentiated into a public company or a private company where the public company is allowed to raise capital from the public. It is provided in the scenario that Dan and Ellie are looking to operate a business which is relatively big in size. Therefo re if they select the structure of a public company they would not only be allowed to raise the capital needed for the adventure but also would be able to limit their liability in case of any unwanted situation faced by the company. There is a specific process by which a public limited company is registered in Australia. Firstly form 201 provided by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission needs to be completed and submitted properly for the formation of the public limited company. They have to comply with the provisions of section 112 and 117 of the Corporation Act 2001 (Cth). According to section 112 a public company limited by shares can be registered. As per section 117 an application has to be made by the ASIC for the registration of the company with all details required such as type of company, proposed name, name and address of members and share capital. As per section 118 of the CA the ASIC issues certificate of registration and ACN and the company comes into existence upon registration as per section 119. NO in the situation where the company has been registered and a customer of the company has incurred losses because of the chair, Dan and Ellie would not be personally liable due to the limited liability feature of the company. This is because company can sue and be sued in its own name and the members of the company limited by shares are only liable to the extent they have contributed in the company unless the directors have made a breach of directors duties or have indulged in insolvent trading under section 180-184 and section 588G of the CA respectively. The provisions of fundraising are dealt with under chapter 6D of the Corporation Act. A public company is allowed to raise funds in Australia from the general public to the issuing of securities on the other hand the private companies only allowed raise funds from its existing shareholders and employees. However in order to gain large funds the structure of a public company limited by shares is recommended. While raising funds a company needs to provide disclosure documents to the potential investors. Disclosure document includes every document which is required for issuing securities and regulate fundraising. There are four kinds of disclosure documents which needs to be issued by a public company namely a prospectus, offer information statement, profiles statement, a two part simple corporate Bond prospectus (Miller, 2015). The widest disclosure requirements in relation to a prospectus which is also one of the most popular and common type of disclosure document used by a company. A ll information in relation to the fundraising has to be contained in the prospectus. The prospectus act like an offer and should not contain any misleading or deceptive information or the company and its directors may be liable under section 1041H of the CA. When the fundraising requirements of a company are less than 10 million dollars in aggregate then the company may provide often information statement which generally has less disclosure requirements as compared to the prospectus (Coffee, Sale Henderson, 2015). A public company wishing to use this document for fundraising has to provide along with it a copy of audited financial report as well as a balance date in last 6 months. A profile statement can also be issued by the company if it has been approved by the ASIC. This document contains important information in relation to the offer and the company. A two Parts simple corporate Bond prospectus contains a base prospectus with a 3 years life and offers specific prospectus made in relation to each offer. A disclosure documents have to be lodged with the ASIC before it can be released by the company for the purpose of fundraising. When the preparation of an offer document has been completed the company must use offer list entry for the purpose of recording summary information in relation to the offer which is to be displayed on the offer list. The disclosure document then is to be lodged along with the required fee (Mann Roberts, 2015). If the document is lodged by courier then it has to be address to the ASIC regional office. On the other hand if the company wishes to hand deliver the document then they can do it in ASIC service centre unless the company is based in NSW which requires documents to be lost in NSW regional office. Fees in relation to lodging the documents is determined by the corporation (review fee) regulation 2003. Securities under section 727 cannot be offered without disclosure. In addition where disclosure is required the advertisement restrictions of section 734 of the CA are also applicable. The security Hawking prohibitions which have been provided in section 736 must not be breached in relation to the way in which offer is made to the public. Disclosure is required by any offer in relation to securities other than that of CSF offer as per section 706 unless it is stated otherwise by section 708 and 708 AA. According to Section 708 if the offer does not breach the ceiling of 20 investors and 200 million it does not require a disclosure. Therefore in order to raise both small and large investments from the public Dan and Ellie have to take into consideration these fundraising requirements provided under the Corporation Act. References Bourke, J. F., Lucadou-Wells, R. (2015). Teaching Business Law: Some Ethical Dimensions from Australia. Clarke, E., Griggs, L. D., Cho, G., Hoyle, A., McLaren, J. (2015). Commercial and Economic Law Australia. Coffee Jr, J. C., Sale, H., Henderson, M. T. (2015). Securities regulation: Cases and materials. Corporation Act 2001 (Cth) Mann, R. A., Roberts, B. S. (2015).Business law and the regulation of business. Nelson Education. Miller, R. L. (2015).Business Law Today, Standard: Text Summarized Cases. Nelson Educationa